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Exchanged Numbers

The usual time I go to hit the sheets - 2am/3am

Every 12am i go inside my room with my fully charged laptop. The right time to exhaust the
Li+ ion battery.

I checked a less visited gay personal site and i tumbled upon a single message from elsewhere,
Malaysia to be exact.

As i checked his profile and saw his pictures... oh my god, He's really good-looking!
Toned body of sufficient height, clean cut hair and chinito! aw.. i really like chinitos.

I know he's online so i hurriedly replied a message and gave my ym id.
minutes later, someone added me.. and i know it's him.

Grin here and smile there. ok, start of a great conversation.

a couple of hours later... a pop out of low battery notice appeared.
I guess i have to say goodbye for now, but out of nowhere... he asked for my number.

a nice kick off before i go to sleep!
wooot kilig!