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Time Management Master

If boredom could kill, i might be dead...
death from boredom not because of the OI's.

today was a very slow day, it's Tuesday... but feels like a Sunday.

I'm filling up my calendar of activities and things to do for the week and it seemed
that i'm pretty free for this week.

What's in store for this week are,

• Enrollment, reservation and payment.
• Follow up with RITM on Friday. Gonna be exciting, again.
• Meet with friends for a sports event.
• Sunday is free day, might gonna watch a movie. Alone or not.

Voila, that's it... not too much too do, really!

I'm a master of Time Management. I can almost do anything spontaneously.
Even having lunch, surfing, doing paper works and photo editing all at the same time. wow!

Going back to boredom, lemme kill this... i'm now maintaining my laptop for it's optimum performance,
watching youtube, checking William Levy and surfing local gay personal sites.. but hey, there's no one to talk to since everyone's busy as of the moment, still 545pm MNL and there's the rush hour.

I have to wait for a couple of hours for things to go in place.