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Stars are Blind

I can't sleep...

2 reasons why,

1. My first cd4 results will be available tomorrow -- though i have a rough estimate of the number as my friend told me, i dont know how in the world he got the number.. he said it's around 275+, im not sure so let's assume +-15. --- Also, some base line testing will be done..

the main issue im concerned of is I'LL GO TO RITM ALONE. No!!!

I'm still too shy and too aloof with
the folks from the institution, add to that the number of other "reactive" guys who will have their own follow-ups, and for sure they're all friends... except for me. A newbie.

gonna prepare my ipod and my phone which i can get help of when in times of trouble... you know, AWKWARDNESS.

speaking of ipod which relates to my 2nd reason why i cant sleep.......

2. my itunes is playing Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind, oh my...

it's 1154pm MNL time and i do need to sleep a bit early for me to catch up for tomorrows' agenda. How can i sleep if i'm lying on bed with my laptop on and yeah, playing Paris Hilton.

in fairness, this blogging thing is cool. i like it... an outlet. kudos Blogger!
another exciting day to look forward to!