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Friendly Tuesday

A pretty nice Tuesday for me...

I got a new friend, Lucky13, and where gonna meet somewhere in Alabang. A mall to be exact and had lunch. His stuffed pizza, mine's ultimate spicy one... well it's not that spicy for me though.

He's nice... :)

It was also a chance for me to meet friend, she's item 4d. the gayish girl of my "Functional Groups" post. I was excited to see her as the lounge would become more noisy and gayfullness -hahah

gayfullness - state of being more than gay. :D

wasn't able to visit and meet E since they restrict visitors..

Had a check-up, and almost a cliff-hanging event of them giving me arv's!
having a tonsillitis pays off... they need to eradicate this thingy before giving the candies...

The humid afternoon ended and Lucky13, gayish girl and i went to a nearby mall for a small dinner and exchange her usb. Omygawd! i really hate Wellcom's customer service... grrraad! nakaka stress!!!

after dinner, we parted ways.. of course with smiles on our faces.. with new found friends :)

till next time..