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I saw my ex a while ago.. i was on my way home, he rang my phone...
"nasa likod mo ko", i turned back and saw him. tsssss..

i saw his cute face and his not so astounding built.
he's now my officemate by the way.

i said to myself for the Nth and log'th time.. "move on na! move on na!"
several years after our relationship and until now, i cant conclude that i have MOVED ON. everytime we talk and see each other, i wanna do it again...

why not? simply because we choose to.. things now are different.
especially my sero-status, he doesnt know about it. baka magbago pa tingin nya sakin.

he was my longest relationship, a close relationship.
we parted ways because of personal issues and surprisingly not by any third party.

I still love him, and i know he still loves me.. but everything's different.
mabigat sa dibdib.

One of the most remembered persons in my life.

Hope he sees someone that will take care of him.
better keep my promise to move on, surely it will take time to heal.

enough story.. iiyak nanaman ako.



TheChemistryGuy { Friday, May 14, 2010 at 11:17:00 AM GMT+8 }
Ang cute naman nito, tingin ko ganun pa din naman sya sa'yo. Kasi kung iba un, he won't bother to call u pa, pag iba un tapos di ka na gusto iiwas un.. I think the rel. bet. the two of you can still be worked out. I feel that you still like and love him, so y not? I know things on your side are different now, but y not give it a try? I still believe kasi na pagmahal mo naman no matter what i-accept mo. Kung ayaw nya talaga okay fine di ba. Maybe mahirap or imposible, pero malay mo naman di ba?.. Jesse

hey, jesse thanks.. i accidentally rejected the comment. my bad.
hmm. i dont know, pero my good friend told me na din na wag na lang umasa. friends lang kami ngayon.. that's it.
Jesse { Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 2:42:00 PM GMT+8 }
rejected!huhu.. joke!
yeah, i think ur good friend is also ryt din. things have changed nga naman. wala lang, kasi i think good people deserves happiness. And i think ur one of those good people out there. - Jesse
TheChemistryGuy { Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 1:24:00 PM GMT+8 }
haha, ganun .. one of the good people huh.. :D