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New Environment

Year 2012 is new to me, I transferred to a new office with a totally new management and environment. 

The new work load seem to be lighter than before, but of course it's not that financially rewarding. The reason why I decided to go onto this is purely stepping stone. I wanna get out of the Business Process Outsourcing industry and be inclined with the corporate world. I got a chance to be with one so I grabbed it.

Schedule is far more better where I used to, now I get the change to go home by afternoon and do some stuff.

The only thing that I am anxious about is when the time comes that I need to go to RITM for my medicines. I have a normal office schedule, and so are they. Obviously there's this schedule conflict which I have to work on.

Time runs very slowly at this time of the day, the clock is very slow after the lunch when it is 1pm-4pm. I'm always on the agony of waiting and making myself busy.
Now I get to dress up like an office boy. Sleeved shirt, leather shoes and chinos. At least there's a sense of fulfillment of being a yuppy. LOL

I have this gut feeling that I won't last long with this company, I might give myself a year to a maximum of year and a half. I feel unease and I'm not that excited to go to work. Perhaps I'm still adjusting with the new environment since I came from a very dynamic industry.

Assesing myself to date, I need to create something to look forward to so I can excite myself to go to work. My observation tells me that I might not grow with the company. But it seems that I am having a hard time doing so.