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The Chemistry ZeitGUYst III

This should have been 2, I wasn't able to post one last 2011.

I have to say, 2012 was not my year. Started out failures early January, continued February and so on. Depression was the main killer of the year. Several mishaps happened and I wasn't mature enough on how to handle them.

This year's highlights, certain and uncertain.

1. My job anxiety. Early January, I transferred to the business corporate world. I had a hard time adjusting to the environment. It created a massive anxiety on my end and after 6 months of "not being happy", I decided to be in the IT world. With regard to work, so far so good.

2. A year of isolation. Perhaps the main contributor to my depression is isolating myself from the outside world. Did things like going out on a movie, coffee, playing console games and other stuff (being on routine) alone. 

3. Last year 2011, I was diagnosed with anemia due to ARV's - Combivir. Hemoglobin count returned to normal.

4. Mid year of 2012, my CD4 dropped tremendously to from 610 to 406. I have no idea how it happened or what's the cause of it but later on it went back more than expected. Latest CD4 count is 710 units. No viral load tests since it will be done mid 2013, but VL is around 84 units.

5. Lady Gaga's Born This Way ball was truly a blast. Really enjoyed the night and got the chance to meet an old college crush. Thankful it all happened.

6. Quarter-life crisis. How I assess why a big chunk of my depression is still intact.

Weighing up the instances of 2012, indeed it wasn't that good. Major depressing events happened and was out of control.

End of the year was an eye opener of who can I trust with and act more maturely. These tested my stimulants and now learned something out of it.

I wish for 2013: peace of mind, more mature being and better decision making choices.

To all The Chemistry Guy blog readers, 2012 has passed - whether good or bad. Chances are are as good as changes. Hope you will have a good new year ahead. :)