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How time flies so fast.

I haven't noticed that March was my Second (cotton) anniversary of being sero-converted.
So anything within 2 years of existence? Not much... Just battling the effects of ARV's (still). I started taking Sustiva and Combivir July of 2010 and up until this date, I can still feel the harsh effects of Efavirenz. Imagine 2 years of dizziness, light headedness, impaired concentration and sleepiness. It was a great thing that I was able to cope with Combivir's effect - anemia, maybe that was another factor why I always feel tired.

Most of the tenured poz bloggers were right, you'll just remember this life changing event once you grab that pill/s out of the bottle. During this existence, I admit that I am not that 100% compliant with medication, There were times that I miss a pill for the day per month, but rest assured that I am working on it.

I haven't seen Dra. G of Makati Med for a while, perhaps one of these days I will pay her a visit. She has been an eye opener to me and she was the one who kept me calm and secured after the results were out 2 years ago. I remember everytime I go to Makati Medical Center, I always ask for CBC even though I don't need it. I just wanted to feel those enormous syringe out of my veins and see the phlebotomist extract my blood. It has been a routine of mine but not until recently.

Couple of days ago, I moved my body and jogged a little. I have read from several poz sites that exercise will somehow reverse the effects of Sustiva. Jogged for like 20 minutes and felt the heavy sweats and it was somehow itchy and irritating once it escapes from my pores - Maybe it has the remnants of the meds. It was a sense of euphoria and I plan to do it again. Speaking of, I now have the urge to enroll myself to a gym and start working out again. Whenever I see myself in front of the mirror, my wasting and fat redistribution is getting obvious. My extremities are getting slimmer and my torso/belly is getting larger. Of course, I don't wanna be unproportionate. This will surely ruin my confidence and lower down my ego.

Maybe in 1 or 2 months time, after doing my financial assessment and analysis, I will throw myself lifting weights and thorough cardio workout. Both benefits will include a healthier me - physically and mentall, stress management and wellness, better looking me and increased self confidence. Hey, I don't wanna put my height into waste. Everybody wants to be attractive too, you know. LOL. It will be also great if I can have a gym friend so we can help motivate each other.
And regarding my deprived concentration and memory effects, I'm now trying to learn to read more stuff over the internet especially those that interest me.

So far so good, I just wanted to sleep all day long. I just hope I can overcome what ever this will lead me.