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Going the Distance

Let's start the story with this...

I met this guy who's from TW (ISO 3166) - Try figuring out where is this, through a social networking media. Since no harm will be done if I were to talk to him.. We chatted. He's of the mid 20's age and based on his public data, he's an engineer. Well, same as I do. On a different perspective though. 

That time of chatting went onto days, weeks and even months. Mind you, we already met even before I was diagnosed. So roughly more than a year ago. 

We had a very common latitude.. Travel and photography. 

His favorite place to travel to... PH (ISO 3166). Looking through his albums, he travels a lot and been to almost every corner of the country, more than I am. Last year, he paid a visit and ask me to if we can meet. I said yes. We were about to meet at this famous hi-jacked hotel but to a surprise it didn't push though. He fell asleep and that kept me waiting. Bad shot for the first meeting. From then on, I become aloof and never replied to his messages. 

Several months had passed, he came back for another month long vacation. This time, he asked me again to meet him and try to cope with what was lost. We met and clicked. 

I admit, he's my type. Chinito, average height, smart, good built and sobrang puti. His English is not that good, but nonetheless we were able to communicate and express ourselves. 

We met for the second time. This was really obvious, I like him and he likes me. If you do one thing for the second time, it means you're onto it. 

We talked and chatted about his recent local trips and he let me see his photos. He's good in photography. 
He persistently invites me to go to TW and he will show me around. It popped my mind, why not. It will be my first ever abroad trip. (if ever)

He's very vocal in a childish way. "I wanna tell you something but I don't know how to ask it"

Skipping the cheesy parts, he wants it to the higher level. I know it's too fast. But rejecting what he said because he doesn't want long distance relationship. Instead, he said - "I like you and want this to go beyond whatever what we have but, distance will hinder." (of course, that wasn't verbatim, nagmarunong lang ako na itranslate yung sinabi nya). "We can still be good friends" He said.

To my mind, ok lang kung issue ang distance, but what if he learns about my sero-status? For sure, I might be rejected. So let that "distance issue" do the talking. 

Sinabi ko sa sarili ko - kung kelan naman may HIV ako saka naman dumating yung pagkakataon na to. (disregarding this distance issue)

Not the right situation nor the right time. 

Left the place with as if nothing was heard or talked about. I know up to this day, we are still good friends.


kenchu { Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 3:43:00 PM GMT+8 }
Nakakapanghinayang naman yung kwento mo. I wish you both happiness. God bless you more! :-)