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Random Thoughts

Been quite a while. I think my katamaran is acting up again, very limited na yung space na iniikutan since all I want to do is to sleep, and sleep, and sleep..

So what's new? Some friends, I met a new pozzie and he's asking me to accompany him to RITM.

I got a new pet. A source of Toxoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis.

I had an out of town and it was a challenge for me whether to take Efavirenz or not. Well, it is known that it will make you groggy and so dizzy that you need to lay your back off and sleep all the way to 10 hours.
I did take the medicine and to my surprise, I just felt a low kick. Actually, nakalimutan ko uminon ng EFV last night and I just had one this lunch time.. May pasok pa ko mamayang hapon, sana lang hindi ako mahilo sa daan. Challenge nanamn ito.

Speaking of out of towns, Sayang.. sana pumunta pala ako sa Panagbenga Festival. I haven't been there and I wanna try the festival kahit isang beses lang. I love Baguio and because of this... I plan to go there by March. Who's with me? Just me perhaps.. ako lang. Let's hope that it will be a good trip.

The TV is on a  koreanovela show.. How hot those korean actors. They're near perfectionism. How I wish I have a partner like those.

I have a poz friend, hindi na sya nagtetext.. which makes me wonder why. I don't have any updates with him and it was last month since we last texted. All I know now is he's still trying to move on from his break up from a magnetic relationship. I think i just have to let him go na lang.. maybe he doesn't want to talk anymore. Crush ko pa naman sya. :)

Every gay now is like celebrating from the new singles from the gay icons of the pop world. Britney and Gaga.
I'm so really hooked with their new songs. Everyday, it's just their 2 songs that play around my iPod. You might wanna try listening to it. Very contrasting songs... One is more about pick up lines and partying and the other is like self-esteem enhancement.

I'm losing my shape! Getting fatter than before. I need to hit the gym or perhaps just jog run around the village to redeem physique. Sayang naman ng height ko.

It's 1:11pm na. Need to prepare for work.

See you in a while.