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Time flies so fast. It's already a year since I was diagnosed. Hindi ko naramdaman and I can't even remember the date!

I remember the time when I was going back and forth sa Makati Medical Center. Baon ko lang was confidence, my handy dandy ipod and prescription pads. The scar remains, literally. Hindi tuloy ako makapag shorts. Sayang summer pa naman. 

I read sa isang newspaper that PH is granted again by Global Fund another cycle of monetary funds, now I'm confused. So bakit Phil Health na mag cover ng mga expenses and why Azithromycin is no longer free? I have this friend who is under Azithromycin prophylaxis, ang baba kasi ng cd4 count nya, the usual free med sa isang treatment hub is no longer offered free? knowing Azithromycin is an expensive drug.. like P250 ata per tab and you need to take it everyday till your cd4 shoot up. So doing math, 30 days x 250/tab = 7500 estimate. Wow! that is pretty expensive! parang sweldo na for others... Ako nanghihinayang sa friend ko, I feel the burden. The thing is ang laki pa ng bubunuin nya for his cd4. 2-digit cd4 would mean years para tumaas. 

Here's the link, can't locate the archive of Philippine Daily Inquirer but this might help.. LINK    

I went to see a movie over the weekend. As usual, I did it alone. Wala naman kasi mainvite., may maiinvite ka nga pero ang garapal naman ng attitude para magpalibre. Nakaka turn off yung ganun. You will feel regret pag hindi bukas sa loob mo man libre. Pero if it comes from within talaga, it will naturally come. Kaya ako na lang.   Nowadays, it feels awkward if you're alone.. I think hindi na ko sanay. Especially if may makakasalubong kang group of friends or mag-jowa. I've seen an article over Google on how to avoid being a loner, one is have something with you that will keep you busy like ipod, psp or similar stuff. Yeah it works din naman.. but not all the times. Minsan kasi nakakasawa na yung paulit ulit na songs and you look stupid dancing in the air if you hear the bass beat or imagining the music video ng song mo. 

Come what may next time. :)



Trese { Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 4:07:00 PM GMT+8 }
Not really sure pero I think na if GF will provide funding ulit, it will not be coursed through TDP because of the previous anomalies. In terms of PhilHealth chenes, in a way may pros and cons. Pro kasi we are trying to establish some sort of independence from private funding. Cons kasi our identity needs to be released sa PhilHealth. Crossing our fingers for free ARVs in 2012 and beyond. They said it's only 3K/month pero i researched... the lowest priced ARVs is 10k/month of gastos. Mahal. I'm more concerned with those with no work, students, oldies, and those with work pero di mataas ang sweldo.
The Chemistry Guy { Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 4:15:00 PM GMT+8 }

eh baka naman hindi galing india yung arv's na yun?

well, ganun talaga.. pero hopefully yung mga mahal na meds ang icover..
cytokine storm { Friday, April 1, 2011 at 2:51:00 AM GMT+8 }
hmmmmm...actually friend...nararamdaman ko na nga yung sinabi mong burden...noong simula parang sige may savings naman ako ket paano...pero ngayon...hayyy...i better find another source of!!!