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I heard over the news about this guy who tested HIV + sa San Lazaro Hospital last 1998. This guy then had another screening test both at SLH and RITM and now tested negative. Here: LINK

What happened? Yeah, he's right it could be a switch in the blood samples.. non-calibrated machines and reagents. But who knows. Disregarding the results, this guy already suffered from the burden of being reactive. 

Nowadays, it said to believe that 99% of the screening tests are accurate.. So it means that this could be the 1%?

I know there's this celebrity who said, "Don't always trust those men wearing white scrub suits" I think that was Kylie Minogue when she was diagnosed with cancer. 

Having Second opinions really matter. But what I am puzzled with is the confirmatory test. As far as I know both ELISA and Western Blot tests are the gold standard of protein analysis. 

The good side of this, at least there's a big relief on his part. Magpapa-party talaga ako! :)



eric { Monday, February 28, 2011 at 2:20:00 AM GMT+8 }
I dont think the laboratory PER SE is at fault. The Infectious disease doctor should and will be able to tell. How???? Every disease has its natural history

assuming the patient follows regularly with a doctor, then the doc should be able to tell and see over the course of years if the progression / improvement is consistent with the diagnosis? that is the part of follow- up, FOR example- if a person is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and after 3 years is still alive, then the doctor should revisit the diagnosis because very very rarely that they live that long, in other words, after 2 years of diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, dapat patay ka na, kung buhay ka pa baka mali ang diagnosis ( problem IS EVEN DOCTOR sa pinas have the tendency of using emotion rather than brain plus the fact na ang mga doc sa pinas eh not receptive sa suggestion and criticism haha)

assuming this patient in the news truly had a false positive hiv test, then his baseline CD4 should be high and hiv viral load undetectable ( kasi nga normal sya ,walang hiv ), then over the years with follow up with the doctor , without ARV`s, then these number should deteriorate, meaning CD4 going down and viral load going up, but then after 2- 3 years of follow up at parating normal ang CD4 and undetectable viral load without taking ARV, then the doc should reconsider kung me HIV nga ang patient o wala, then syempre uulitin mo ang hiv antibody test

that is why it is important to follow with the same doctor 80 % of the time , di yung palipat lipat ng doctor, pero syempre more importantly dapat trained talaga sa ID yung doctor

well , i`ve been wanting to say this but treatment of hiv even at ritm /pgh/ san lazaro is not at par sa US, ONCE DIAGNOSED with HIV, you need baseline viral load on ALL PATIENTS NO EXCEPTION NO IFS NO BUTS, the goal is undetectable viral load, this is what you follow , not CD4 counts, while on arv

monitoring CD 4 counts to see how patients are doing was so way back 1998, 2011 na now, ipad, iphone, xbox na, based on my reading sa blog kasi emphasis is placed on CD4 counts and not viral load

even the drugs use to treat HIV in pinas are at best , so so, not the ones you see being used sa US

BUT AGAIN, we have to consider the financial limitation since pinas nga ang setting