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Anemic no more

I'm no longer anemic, that's according to the past 2 cbc's I got the last 6 months. Good to hear this but I can still feel the effects of less red blood cells. Groggy and sleepy.

The first 2 months after diagnosis, I took up iron supplements and ate lots of chicken liver - a favorite of mine.

I think these helped a lot. But I still don't know how to combat my sleepiness. I must sleep like a minimumof 9 hours a day so I my energy is robust for the whole day. 8 hours is just not really enough.
I have read some web articles that going to the gym might help boost my energy, or just a plain exercise will do.

After financial assessment, I will now decide and lean towards going to the fitness center and evolve like a caterpillar to a butterfly. LOL

Seriously, I'm just thankful that an ARV side effect has been managed - as seen through the blood test.